Auto Tracking Phone Holder, AICOCO Auto Face Tracking Tripod, 360° Rotation Phone Camera Mount, AI-Powered Face Tracking, Bluetooth Shutter Control, No APP for Live Streaming Video and Video Recording

Intelligent Face Tracking: The AICOCO Auto Face Tracking Tripod features AI-powered face tracking technology that automatically recognizes and follows your face or body movements, ensuring you stay centered in the frame for video calls, live broadcasts, and content creation.


360° Rotation: Enjoy the flexibility of 360° rotation with this phone holder, allowing you to adjust the angle and switch between horizontal and vertical camera modes effortlessly, ensuring you always stay in focus regardless of your movement.


Gesture Control: This innovative device supports gesture control, where simple gestures like the OK gesture to start and an open palm gesture to pause enhance the user experience, making it convenient and user-friendly.


Bluetooth Shutter Control: With the included Bluetooth remote control, you can easily connect to your phone for hands-free operation, enabling you to capture photos and videos remotely, adding convenience to your content creation process.


Universal Compatibility: The phone holder is designed with a standard 1/4 inch connector, allowing you to mount it on various tripods and adjust the height and angle to suit your needs. It accommodates phones of different sizes, making it universally compatible with most smartphones.

Rechargeable Battery: Equipped with a built-in 1200mAh rechargeable battery and a USB charging port, this device offers long-lasting performance, with a charging time of 4-8 hours for extended use, ensuring you can create content without interruptions.


No App Required: Unlike many similar devices, the AICOCO Auto Face Tracking Tripod does not require any app installation or Bluetooth connection, making it hassle-free to use with popular video apps like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and more, simplifying your content creation process.


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