Automatic Mouthwash Dispenser for Bathroom, 19.36 Oz Mouthwash Container Touchless with Magnetic Cups, 3 Adjustable Dispensing Levels No Drip Wall Mounted Mouthwash Dispenser Bottle Black

Convenient Touchless Dispensing: Enjoy a hands-free experience with this automatic mouthwash dispenser, making your daily routine effortless and hygienic.

Sleek and Space-Saving Design: Its black finish and wall-mounted feature add a modern touch to your bathroom while saving valuable counter space.

Customizable Dispensing Levels: With 3 adjustable levels, you can tailor the amount of mouthwash dispensed to suit your needs, ensuring efficiency and control.

No More Drips or Mess: Say goodbye to spills and mess with the no-drip design, keeping your bathroom clean and organized at all times.

Generous Capacity: The 19.36 oz container ensures an ample supply of mouthwash, reducing the need for frequent refills and keeping you prepared.

Includes Magnetic Cups: Comes with magnetic cups for added convenience, making it easy to access and use your mouthwash without hassle.

Upgrade Your Oral Care Routine: Elevate your oral hygiene routine with this innovative dispenser, combining functionality, style, and ease of use in one sleek package.

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