ECOVACS Winbot W1 Pro Window Cleaning Robot, Intelligent Cleaning with Dual Cross Water Spray Technology, Win SLAM 3.0 Path Planning, 2800Pa Suction Power, Edge Detection Technology, App Control

The ECOVACS Winbot W1 Pro Window Cleaning Robot offers revolutionary cleaning with its intelligent design and dual cross water spray technology


With Win SLAM 3.0 Path Planning, this robot ensures efficient and thorough cleaning of your windows, leaving them sparkling clean

Experience powerful cleaning performance with 2800Pa suction power, allowing the Winbot W1 Pro to tackle tough window prints with ease

Benefit from advanced features like edge detection technology, ensuring safe and precise cleaning without the risk of falling

Enjoy the convenience of app control, allowing you to schedule cleanings, choose different modes, and monitor the cleaning process from your smartphone

The Winbot W1 Pro is a game-changer for those with hard-to-reach or large windows, offering a hassle-free solution to keep your windows crystal clear


Overall, the ECOVACS Winbot W1 Pro Window Cleaning Robot is a smart investment for anyone looking to simplify window cleaning tasks and maintain spotless windows effortlessly


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