Insta360 X4 – Waterproof 8K 360 Action Camera, 4K Wide-Angle Video, Invisible Selfie Stick Effect, Removable Lens Guards, 135 Min Battery Life, AI Editing, Stabilization, for Sports, Travel, Outdoor

The Insta360 X4 is a cutting-edge 8K 360 action camera that redefines immersive video capture with stunning image quality and clarity.

With Active HDR technology, this camera ensures color accuracy even in dynamic action scenarios, delivering exceptional image and video results.

Enjoy the convenience of simple reframing after shooting, thanks to the AI-powered Insta360 app, allowing you to focus on capturing the moment without worrying about framing.

Experience the unique Invisible Selfie Stick effect, providing obstruction-free 360° video akin to having your own film crew or using a drone.

Benefit from ultra-wide 4K action capabilities at 4K60fps and 170° MaxView at 4K30fps, offering versatile shooting options for various scenarios.

The Insta360 X4 guarantees ultra-stable footage with FlowState Stabilization and 360° Horizon Lock, ensuring smooth and level shots even during intense action sequences.

Designed to withstand rugged conditions, the X4 is cold-resistant, waterproof, and equipped with upgraded lens guards for added protection, making it an ideal companion for sports, travel, and outdoor adventures.

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