Narwal Mop Robot Vacuum with Self-Cleaning Station, LiDAR Navigation, Carpet Detection – For Hard Floors and Pet Hair

Efficient Cleaning: The Narwal Mop Robot Vacuum offers exceptional cleaning performance with its LiDAR navigation system, ensuring thorough coverage of hard floors and effective removal of pet hair.

Convenient Self-Cleaning Station: Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with the self-cleaning station that automatically washes and dries the mop, keeping it ready for the next cleaning session.

Intelligent Carpet Detection: With advanced carpet detection technology, this robot vacuum seamlessly transitions between hard floors and carpets, providing a comprehensive cleaning experience.

Pet-Friendly Design: Designed to tackle pet hair effectively, this robot vacuum is ideal for pet owners, ensuring a clean and hair-free home environment.

User-Friendly Operation: Experience ease of use with intuitive controls and scheduling options, allowing you to customize cleaning routines to suit your needs.

Quiet and Efficient: Enjoy a quiet cleaning experience with the Narwal Mop Robot Vacuum, which operates efficiently while maintaining a low noise level, perfect for everyday use.

Sleek and Modern Design: Enhance your home with the sleek and modern design of this robot vacuum, adding a touch of sophistication to your cleaning routine.

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