Philips 7000 Series Pasta Maker, ProExtrude Technology 150W, 8 discs, Perfect Mixing Technology, Preapre up to 8 Portions, NutriU App

The Philips 7000 Series Pasta Maker is a must-have kitchen appliance for pasta lovers, offering a convenient and efficient way to prepare fresh pasta at home.

With ProExtrude Technology, this pasta maker ensures even and consistent dough extrusion, resulting in perfectly cooked pasta every time.

The 150W motor is powerful enough to handle a variety of pasta types and textures, while the 8 discs allow for a wide range of pasta shapes and sizes.

The Perfect Mixing Technology ensures that the dough is evenly mixed and kneaded, resulting in a smooth and elastic pasta dough.

The pasta maker can prepare up to 8 portions at once, making it ideal for large families or dinner parties.

The NutriU App allows users to track their pasta-making progress and access recipes and cooking tips, ensuring that they get the most out of their pasta maker.

The Philips 7000 Series Pasta Maker is easy to use and clean, with a sleek and modern design that will look great in any kitchen.

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